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Khula Aasman- Where Ideas soared new Heights

All the world’s a Stage” The words of William Shakespeare found resonance in the plethora of plays hosted by Khula Aasman organized by Sankalp, The Theatre Society at MICA, on 29-30th of August. The event, true to its name, gave a creative freedom to theatre aficionados to perform all kinds of plays in a non-judged model. Khula Aasman has always provided a platform for the showcase of the indigenous theatrical talent at MICA. Since its inception, Khula Aasman has served its purpose and has produced many seasoned artists.


This year, the plays were a mixed bag of experience and new talent. On one hand, we had veterans from PGP-2, who lived up to the expectations and on the other hand, the first time directors from PGP-1, also performed exceptionally well. The plays depicted a myriad of emotions from all walks of life. From subtle humour to satire, the talented pool at MICA coloured the Mani Iyer Auditorium with shades of artistic genius.

Day one at Khula Aasman was about Drama, which mirrored real life stories. “What If” depicted the story of a couple going through a tough phase in their married life. Tanveer Rahman, one of the actors from ‘What If’ said, ”You act everyday, every moment. Theatre is just the exaggerated portrayal of those moments.”


Jhumkiyan” showed us the tragic struggle of a middle aged mill worker who is bound in the shackles of poverty.


Baatein Kuch Ankahin Si” was a short conversational piece between an elderly married couple going through the loneliness of old age, along with “The Saucy Affair”, a comedy. "Though I have been part of numerous street plays, I hadn’t thought about directing an English play in my wildest thoughts. With such a fabulous cast and a lovely co-director I was able to pull it off. I am sure there are many more to come!" said Mohit Gosain (PGP-1), Director, ‘The Saucy Affair’



The second day was about unconventional themes and a little more drama. A play titled “Does of Perception” depicted a disillusioned revolutionary’s conversation with his future self mildly interspersed with various dimensions of philosophy.


Carnavale” was loosely based on the Malayalam novel “Yakshi” by Malayatoor Ramakrishnan and revolved around a young man obsessed with the occult, whose life is transformed after an accident leaves him with a partly disfigured face.


The audience had both students and some members of the faculty. “It was a roller-coaster ride of emotions”, said Sohini Sarkar, who watched all the plays on both the days. The faculty members also appreciated the efforts and talent showcased.

"MICA is one place that has given me the space and support to explore new horizons. One such horizon that I have dared to explore is directing the play “What If” in MICA for Khula Aasman. It is always a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety when you wait for the characters written by you to come alive on stage. Thanks to the brilliant acting by Meera, Srinath Aritrika and Tanveer, I could sense the play flow from the stage to the audience. Thanks to my Co Director Sarvesh and the production team- Bala, Raksha, Bhumisha and Arun, who stood by me." said Mohamed Riaz (PGP-2), Director, ‘What If’


The beauty of Khula Aasman lies in the acceptance of new ideas and the overwhelming execution of the drama on stage. A famous artist once said, “They call it drama, I call it life.”Khula Aasman is one manifestation of the thought.”

- Aprajita Srivastav, Team Sankalp (PGP-1) 

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A Year Left


With just a year left

The bricks haven’t grown old

Neither have any of us

The flight continues

Yes it’s surreal out here

The way it can never be

Too true to be true

Too real to be real

Too lively to be life

But we float along.

The place gave me space

Space to think, introspect

And live true to self

A self that otherwise was lost.

It gave me the leading hand

To explore the uncharted

To see what I usually ignored

To feel what always existed

It gave me a part of myself

Lying dormant since a while

Regaining what I had once lost.

For some even a lifetime

Falls short for reclaiming true existence.

All it took for me was this place.

So though,

The days numbered

And the journey on a threshold

The thoughts have merely taken off

A sublime path carved by

"The School of Ideas".

 - Manish Dhar (PGP-20)

Photograph by Sukaran Thakur (PGP-19)

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