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The MICAn Long Weekend of Firsts

This was the first long weekend for PGP-1 - A Long Weekend of Firsts. It was their first Independence Day and Janmashtami in MICA. Throw in a play, a football match, a quiz with a guest lecture between them, and you have a MICAn Long Weekend of Firsts - the MiLWOF!

Lazy bystanders who’ve seen Highway, Lakshya and Major Saab wouldn’t have been surprised to see seventy students running out of the MICA gate and rushing to the highway. The Independence Day ‘MICAthon’  (organised by SCAM - the Sports Committee at MICA) saw a good turnout and was a ‘fit’ting start to the celebrations.


The Cultural Committee at MICA (CulComm) organised the traditional flag hoisting ceremony which was followed by a beautiful show put up by a set of supremely talented kids who came from the villages near MICA.


For the final event, CulComm organized an evening of music and dance dedicated to the Senior Citizens from Peer Parai. The event itself had an informal, friendly and inviting feel. It was nice to see our guests not only appreciate the gesture, but also have a really good time.


MICA Lecture Series organized an interactive and informal lecture with Mr. B. S. Nagesh, the Vice Chairman & Non-Executive Director of Shoppers Stop, and Founder of TRRAIN-Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India. A lecture on passion, innovation and ‘thoda sa paagalpan’ was right up the alley of MICAns. It was a delightful lecture and a powerful management lesson, and we are looking forward to the next MLS!


When God decides to do job swaps to increase the efficiency of His business unit, all hell literally breaks loose.

On Sunday night, Sankalp, the Theater Committee at MICA, set the tone for a new chapter with its first play of the season -  ’God’s Last Supper’, an adaptation of a Mark Norman play. 

"The practice sessions were rigorous but full marks to our entire cast and crew who pulled it off even with such a tight academic schedule. Also, it was fun to work with both my co-directors, Kunjal Kaw and Nikhil Saraf. We gelled quite well as a team and we look forward to putting up a great show at Natarani" - Darshan Shah, Director’s Guild, Sankalp 2014.

With the Opening Night being a huge success, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us.


Janmashtami was celebrated with fervour and enthusiasm on Monday. The spirit of the festival came alive when both MICAns and the mess staff participated in CulComm MICA’s Matki Phod competition. 


At MICA, football is ‘dil ke bahot kareeb’. Monday night’s main event was the traditional First Match of the Season, and what an event it was! Two high intensity games, raucous crowds and some sublime football played made for an evening to remember.



An Independence Day weekend is quite incomplete without a quintessential ‘India Quiz’. MiQuest, the MICA Quiz Club, organized ‘IndiYeah’  which was their first event this season. 


Sanidhya Nanavati and Ravinandan Puri (PGP-1) bagged the First Position.


In keeping with the theme of this article, this is also Junior Team Interface’s first post on the blog!

A true MiLWOF indeed!

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Hello MCSA 2014-15!

A new academic year has begun and MICA is filled with new faces, new plans and hopes for 2014-15.

And we have our first student committee for this year! After a gruelling selection process which included speeches, voting and interviews, we are happy to present the MICA Council for Student Affairs!

image               The MICA Council for Student Affairs, 2014-15, (L-R):                                  Abhisek, Bhupinder, Gunjan, Anu, Ellina, Aniruddh, Riaz

The MCSA is the officially recognised student body of MICA. All other committees come under the purview of the MCSA (it is also the only committee that cannot be dissolved!) and it liaises between the students and the administration. It has been in existence since MICA’s inception and consists of three members from PGP-2 and four from PGP-1. The selection process is completely democratic and members get elected by the students.

It all started in February, with the election of the Senior team: Aniruddh Chokse, Anu Radhakrishnan and Mohamed Riaz. The results of the Junior team elections were announced this morning, and the MCSA family is now complete.

PGP-1 has chosen Abhisek Patnaik, Bhupinder Kumar, Ellina Rath and Gunjan Batra to represent them.

Riaz, who was part of the Junior MCSA last year, says:

"The feeling of having completed a year as part of Junior MCSA and then becoming a member of the MCSA senior team has been both exhilarating and enlightening. I feel strengthened in my resolve because of the support of Anu and Aniruddh who share the dream and vision for MCSA.

Anu, Aniruddh and I want to strive hard in our journey ahead as members of the MCSA team, to sow little seeds of change that will help MICA evolve into a better ecosystem of success in the long term.

Today, as we introduce our junior team for the year 2014-15, I am pushed back into a vortex of nostalgia as I remember the day when our seniors had welcomed us into the junior team.

I can see the same feeling of achievement on the faces of our juniors, Abhisek, Gunjan, Bhupinder and Ellina.

I hope they have the same, or a better journey as the Junior MCSA team and end the year with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Someday in the future, when I come back to MICA, my alma mater, I wish to see the efforts of this team bear the fruits of success for the batches ahead.”

image                                  Welcoming the Junior Team!

Says the Junior MCSA:

"Becoming a part of the MCSA feels like winning a hurdles race! We consider it a huge honour and hope to fulfill all our responsibilities to the best of our ability.We hope that we grow and learn together as a batch and take the MICAn legacy forward."

All the best, MCSA 2014-15! 

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